The policy of quality

The company‚Äôs quality management system of CASEAMEX is a combination of quality management systems in accordance with  regulations of food safety and hygiene, including ISO9001-2000, BRC 2005 and SQF 2000.  The policy translates into specifications as follows:
  • Supplying products to customers at highest level of credit in terms of quality and approachability.
  • Providing products guaranteed in safety and hygiene, quality, consistence with particular demand in each market.
  • Managing well-trained teams of employees assigned into departments and often hold working skill upgrades for their professional development.  The expected outcome is an up-to-date adaptation to and operation with the modern and advanced applied processes.
  • Promoting hierachical management system among departments to enhance speed and quality in work deliverables.

It is certified that members of the company understand this quality policy, maintain and promote it, and aim at fulfilling it where and when applicable

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