Development Orientation

CASEAMEX has built high prestige after its 18 years of functioning as Cantho Food Processing Export Factory and its two years of its own business. Moreover, we have achieved more and more success in both internal management and foreign affairs.

Therefore, to reinforce the current development and guarantee our foremost and permanent development targets, we are fulfiling the following four missions:

Investing in infrastructural base.  Billions of VND has been invested in building up the spacious and firm factory for better manufacturing effects as well as updating automatic and modern machinery and equipment.  The aim is to prepare the company’s resource to cope with the  increasing demands in Tra and Basa food;
Structuring democratic management.  We set up a light and democratic management apparatus, and we are unanimous, dynamic, flexible, and creative in our activities;
Developing strong teams of employees.  We own skillful, professional and experienced workers due to strict recruitment policies, which offer more training opportunities for current employees, attract more talented newcomers, and facilitate all to do their work in a smart way.
Widening the circle of customers and increasing market shares.  We do stabilize the existing makets by developing better customer care services, periodically search for new international partners with preferential policies, and incessantly satify customers’ taste in local makets.

Accordings to Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts, Vietnam’s Gross Dometic Products (GDP) forecast is US$530,24 (or 7.7% year-on-year growth) in 2009.  At the same time, the report also shows Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Vietnam will increase to US$31.6 billion, of which newly registered capital scored US$31 billion for the first half of 2008.  As a result, economists affirm an upward growth of economic indices at the present. There is also an increasing demand in imports of high quality of frozen aquatic products among international markets.

Understanding the beneficial factors of owning a rich source of fish at the Mekong Delta, CASEAMEX will initiatively enlarge its market circle. Simultaneously, we are improving our management apparatus, training human resources, and being aware of global eco-social intergration so that we can come up with well-qualified deliverables.  Besides, we will speed up and develop our closed processing system, assure quality for strict markets, stabilize our position in order to get profit, and create more opportunities for our employees to achieve higher results.

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