Production Process
Fish source

Pangasius raw materials supply for Caseamex from :
Over 80% from the company ponds (which is controlled accord to SQF 1000 and HACCP).
About 20% from farmers who raise Pangasius accord to SQF 1000, SQF 2000,…
In order to ensure the quality of materials, the aquacultural technique staff will take sample to test antibiotic before havesting 7 days at least. The raw materials is only received when the result of test is accepted.
To satisfy the demand of market sufficiently, Caseamex has been building the circle of process : hatchery, feedmill, and company farms will be enlarged about 100ha more. With this plan, the company will be taken the initiative in raw materials and ensure of quality.


Production process
Caseamex Support
Caseamex Support